How much money do Pani-Puri walas make?

Pani Puri is an Indian dish which is highly loved among the masses in India and other countries and people love to eat it, but the matter of the fact is the people who are making Pani-puri are enjoying more money than their other street food competition.

So How much money do Pani-Puri walas make, and is pani puri business a good business and does it provides you enough money to live a healthy financial life, find out by reading below.

Pani Puri Business a way to make stable income

Pani Puri Food stall is a type of street food business like any other food business as pani-puri is one of the most in demand commodity and street food in India.

So understand that as goes the demand there will the supply generated via people who are interested in providing pani puir via there pani puri stalls and in India you must have seen that every street corner, every colony has its own pani puri stall and pani puri provider.

So the presence of pani puri business in every corner of the city tells us that pani puri business is not typically hurted by the competiotion but actully its a helping factor.

Now as you are seeing so many pani-puri vendors and pani puri business stalls, you must be wondering that "how much money do pani puri walas make?", so to explain it we have given detailed analysis of pani puri business model and pani puri business profit mathematics for you below.

Pani Puri Business Model Income and Profit Mathematics

Below is a basic pani puri business model profit explained via simple mathematics for you to read to answer your question "how much money do pani puri wala makes?".

The profit and success of pani puri wala mainly depends on where Pani Puri wala do his business. Let's talk about Pani Puri business model and a pani puri wala who stands in a good crowd turning area.

Now as we know Pani Puri costs Rs 20 / Plate at an average rate of 30 plates per hour may vary depending on the time (afternoon or evening / week or weekend).

A Pani Puri works for six hours making 180 plates (6 * 30) a day. Thus making 3600 / day on average as income.

The monthly turnout will be around 1,18,000 INR.

Now let's take pani puri wala inventory cost per day: 800-1000 Rs (Including pineapple, chutney's, masala's, disposal costs, bribery of street workers etc.)

Assume that that pani puri business model daily investment is Rs 1000 so you are left with Rs 2600 (3600-1000) a day.

Total profit per month: 2600 * 30 = 78,000 INR. Suppose you keep two assistants to work properly you will be left with about 60-65 K in hand. The best part is that Pani puri wala doesn't pay any taxes as we do !!

Pani Puri at Haldiram, Weddings and other Events

Now the money that a Pani puri wala generates can be scaled up easily by giving the pani puri services at weddings, birthday parties and other occasions.

As to tell you how much the big boys like Haldiram make via selling pani puri the answer will be not much as they do sell all type of food so pani puri only makes 1% of their total offerings so it really not a matter to them if they sell pani puri or not, they just keep it for public satisfaction.

The Downside of Pani Puri Business Model

You have to make all the PURI yourself and that is a lot of WORK. 

You need to make about 1200 puris! get up early and make a purse until the afternoon or something - then take it to the place where you sell it and the work goes on from 4:10 in the afternoon and you have to put up with bulls for less than $ 800 a month.

The process of integrating the pani puri business model is also difficult because competition is hard and finding a good place you can rule without placing another pani puri rejected near you and there is another big problem. 

Doesn't look easy right now? If you are a depressed person you should go into business in India or forget to compete with street vendors most of whom have negative links.

Pani Puri Vending Machine

As with the innovation of pani puri vending machine the business of pani puri selling is taking a new turn as the money generated via pani puri selling is booming.

The pani pari health concerns have helped the pani puri vending machine business to flourish in the past few years, so you can try that out too.

So now as you know how much money do pani puri wala make, why stop just start your own new pani puri business and start making money.

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