20+ Best Ways For College Students To Make Money

During our college years we do feel the need of some extra money to have what we want so lets look at some ways for college students to make money.

Best Ways For College Students To Make Money

20+ Best Ways For College Students To Make Money
20+ Best Ways For College Students To Make Money

As a college student, one often find oneself in need of that extra amount of good cash. So there is a possible way you may have some good spare time and you can work to make money. Thankfully, there are many cool ways to make money as a college student. It’s even possible to earn an income without having to leave your dorm room at all so lets look at some of these ways!

20+ Ways For College Students To Make Money

The below listed ways for college students to make money have true income potential in them! This is because you can partake in any of these income streams from anywhere with just a good and high speed internet connection. Even better, you can use whatever cool and awesome technical skills you have and put these projects to use by building your portfolio and potentially turn into a long-term income stream that lasts well beyond your college years.

So here are the ways for college students to make money :

1. Getting Paid to Exercise

Do you know that the Employer wellness programs in recent years have begun paying employees for tracking their healthy behaviors. If you use a fitness app to record your steps or other physical activity, AchieveMint is a cool app that connects with 40+ Android and iPhone apps to pay you good generous money for your healthy behaviors like healthy exercise, counting burned calories, sleeping, and even for participating in various health research surveys.

2. Taking Online Surveys

Taking surveys is one of the best ways for college students to make money and two of the best companies are Survey Junkie and Opinion Outpost that pay you good cash. Online surveys are not as highly paying and lucrative as working a typical Part-time job, however, they can be completed when you have a few spare minutes in between your free period classes or during a meal break and they can easily serve as a secondary income stream.

3. Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic design isn’t just for college projects and for making website graphics and logos. While there is a very high and strong demand for creation of good website design, it’s also possible to earn a tidy and good base income by designing good and awesome eBook covers, cool printed t-shirts, printing cool business cards, wall art, personalized printed gifts, and good product packaging.

If you have an eye for design, use your awesome talent at 99 Designs or Cafe Press. Both of these services will help you a great deal in meeting individual clients and large businesses looking for a quality developer and designer and this way for college student to make money is very good.

4. Freelance Write

Getting paid to write isn’t just for the daily big professional newspaper & magazine journalists. You might be surprised how many cool and wonderful websites, blogs, and periodicals pay common average people to write good articles and eBooks for them. While working in actual journalism or getting your writing major in journalism can lend you a competitive advantage, you don’t have to be the next big thinker like Shakespeare or Stephen King to make money writing.

A lot of people are generating good steady income from freelance writing in their area of expertise such as personal finance, health & lifestyle, entertainment, marketing, etc. You already have experience writing your college research papers and college essays so the transition will be smaller and easy for you than you expect.

Launching your freelance writing career might feel daunting and a very lazy task at first. One of the best ways to get started is by taking the free online course for article writing and we provide that so contact us and start to earn money as a college student.

5. Starting a Blog

If you are already into freelance writing or thinking of doing it,you should start a blog that is an excellent way for college students to make money and to create a portfolio that prospective clients can use and earn easy and good passive income from the like of high paying affiliate marketing.

If you are unaware with the great earning source of affiliate marketing, here’s a quick review. On your blog or your YouTube channel, you place an affiliate link that you can get from amazon to a product you recommend that visitors can click on and buy. When the visitors clicks on the link, they will be taken to the website to buy the product. And when they buy, you get a good percentage of the transaction.

Consider this as a “referral fee” when your landlord pays you after a friend signs an apartment lease and mentions your name to the landlord. The beauty of affiliate links is that they can continue to be a source of income as long as people continue come and to visit your site and have the opportunity to buy and  click on the links. It’s very much possible to earn affiliate income from articles you wrote 4 or 5 years ago.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

If you don't like to write articles, videos are another good avenue for college students to earn online income. In some ways, video channels like YouTube are more relevant and easy to maintain than blogs with 1,000 words posts since you can visually see the person changing a mobile battery, performing a tech trick, or beating the crazy final boss in a video game.

Exactly like the blogs, you can add affiliate links for products and services you recommend in the video. And, as long as the video is on YouTube and people continue to watch it, you have an easy and great opportunity to gain affiliate income when they make the given link purchase.

7. Sell Something Online

If you have dreams of building the next eBay or Amazon e-commerce site, college is a great time to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and create an online store. By using a platform like Shopify, you can start drop-shipping. This means you don’t have to kick your roommate out of your dorm to make room for all the inventory.

With Shopify, you create the sales pages and when the customer places an order, the manufacturer directly ships to the product from their warehouse to the customer’s front door. Or, you can always sell an online product like spreadsheets or eBooks that you have written. Another benefit of selling with Shopify is that they have twice as many templates as other online shopping carts, and, they offer a 14-day free trial.

8. Selling Video Game Accounts

If you have ever been a video game addict in high school and no longer have time to play them to score and get good grades in college you must sell your video game accounts online at sites like eBay to the highest opting bidder. You worked hard to make all that process and it can be a quick way to make some extra cash.

9. Earning from Stock Dividends

Earning from stock dividends can be the best way for college students to make money as it’s never too late to start investing in stocks that pay good and awesome regular dividends. As with the low bank interest rates, the stock market is one of the few avenues to earn easy passive income. 

Investing as a college student can also be a wonderful learning experience as you can learn the pros & cons of investing with a small amount of your pocket money to prepare you for when you earn a “real” paycheck when you get solid and will be managing larger investments in your age of the retirement.

To maximize your earning potential you will want to use an online broker with the lowest trading fees. So if you are looking for one get in touch with us as we have a team that its ready to help free of cost for 1 month.

10. Work-Study

At part of your financial aid package, although some positions are non-needs based, you might be able to find a work study job that allows you to get paid to study. Each semester, your school has paid work study positions to fill allowing you to potentially be a computer lab assistant, work behind the desk at the college library, or become a clerical assistant for an academic department.

There is an element of “work” to these jobs, but, when you don’t have to replace paper in the printers or help a student or professor with a task, you can use the time to study.

11. Giving Campus Tours

As you are studying in college you do know that colleges often have groups of visitors that come to view the great historic buildings or historical sites on the campus grounds and offer a 1-hour tour several times each day. Now if you have good communication skills and love meeting new people and have school pride, being a tour guide is an easy way to earn a few extra dollars without a huge time commitment.

12. Work part time as a Cashier at the School Museum or Campus Gift Shop

Many historic colleges also have a great and big school museum that tells about the history of the surroundings of the college and might include special collections and cash money donated by alumni for current students and visitors to enjoy.

Its a time consuming work but its good way for college students to make money if they can manage.

13. Working at the Cafeteria

If you have watched the series Shameless you know that Mike Gallagher was working part time at his college cafeteria and was making money from it so that is a good way for college students to make money but there is a lot of hustling of time to do.

You can also work in your school cafeteria or one of the restaurants within the student center food court. These jobs might be more time intensive although it can be possible to have flexible hours as you can work breakfast, lunch, or dinner, compared to only in the afternoons with other types of employment.

14. Selling Used Textbooks

Now this one is the oldest in the book but it has been the easiest way for college students to make money.

Selling back your used old textbooks to the campus bookstore has one of the lowest cash redemption values. Instead, selling your books offline try selling online and you will know the difference. When you sell your books, you only have to package them and can mail them for free.

15. Working as an Uber Driver

Your Dad gifted you a car and you are comfortable with using it as a taxi around town, driving for uber is a unique way to make money. You can set your driving hours and only accept the trips that appeal to you.

But you can do this only if you meet the below qualifications you must meet such as being at least 21 years old, have at least 3 years of driving experience, and own a 4-door vehicle.

16. Deliver online Fast food

With growing online delivery market for food the demand for delivery boys is on a all time high and college students have already started making great amount of money from it so you can do this too and start earning some real cash.

17. Working at the Public Library

You know what a public library can pay you good money and might also have hourly positions available allowing you to shelf books & movies that have been checked in. This can be a good option if you only need to work one or two afternoons per week as these offered positions are often part-time.

18. Being a Tutor

So you are a smart pants who likes to boast about his knowledge than being a tutor is the best way to make money for you.

Tutoring is a great way to help high school students gain an understanding of courses like Chemistry, Foreign Language, Math, etc. Now a days there are many youtube channels and cool websites that allow you to advertise your services online and you can earn at least $10 per hour.

19. Teach Music Lessons

Now if you know any how to play any instrument then hell ya you can make money teaching music.

Parents are always in lookout for affordable music lessons. If you have a good musical gift, teaching music lessons to your college buddies or some school juniors can be a great way to gain teaching experience and use your skills. You should be prepared to drive to the student’s house if you do not have a public meeting space available.

20. Donating Blood

Now this one is only for the brave as he is not afraid of needles, donating plasma for cash can earn up to good $400 per month & you help somebody with a medical need in the process.

For this you have to maintain your health.

21. Taking part in Medical Experiments

Many college students have made good money from taking part in medical experiments and you can do this too remember Raj from Big Bang theory he made money from it haha in one episode but the experiment turned out to have some effects so make sure you take all care before joining the experiment.

22. Work as a Handyman

Now if you did get some hands-on experience mowing lawns with your dad, fixing leaky faucets, painting bedrooms, moving, etc., using a site like Task Rabbit can help you easily earn money by completing given tasks in the local community where somebody needs an extra hand. This can be another good income stream if only need one-time tasks and don’t mind exerting a little physical energy in the process.

Its the best way for college students to make money fast.

23. Taking Care of Pets

Pet sitting is a big business that every one and any one can do who is good with animals and understanding them as across the country and some people make a six-figure income from it. 

By connecting with professionals and pet owners that need somebody to walk the dog or spend an hour playing with their pets while they are away at work or traveling the globe, can be an easy source for good money.

My little brother who is still in school has started this business with his friends and is making good income from it.

You may need to gain some certifications before you can start pet sitting and you can also find leads at your local pet stores and veterinarian offices

24. Rent it on Airbnb

If you have a place of your own you can rent it on airbnb and make some good money or you can also make money without owning a property on air bnb.

Read this article on how make money on airbnb without owning a property.

25. Work as a Disco-Jockey or an Anchor

You know what you can earn great amount of money from being a DJ if you have skills as clubs pay you high money or you can work as a free lancer and run it on events and parties.

Now for being an anchor you just need to use your mouth in a fun way in parties and voila people are gonna call you more often.

So these are some of the best ways for college students to make money and hence you should try the one you like the most and earn some good money.

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