Best CRM Software For Small Business

 Lets look at the best CRM software for small business which indeed helps the business to grow and get profitable.

CRM Software For Small Business

Best CRM Software For Small Business
Best CRM Software For Small Business

CRM is Customer Relationship Management Software that helps business keeps track of its overall sales, leads and customer data so that the overall customer experience is good and the business is profitable.

We all follow the basic rule of a customer oriented business that the “Customer is king,” hence, in order to run a successful business venture, it is important to keep the customer happy. Being the owner & operator of a small start up, one must use the best customer relationship management software for small business.


When you start a small business, maintaining ledgers helps you record good customer data and transactions. Soon, as your business grew rapidly and it becomes difficult to manage these records through the ledgers for any growing business. Hence, investing in a best CRM software for small business is very important.


Best Crm Software Strengths


Before buying the best CRM Software for small business check for the below points :


1.Secure Contact Management: It is one of the most important feature that must be capable  of storing large information of customer’s contact information such as the names and email addresses in a searchable database,  which is easily and securely shared across the team.


2.Easy to Use and Integrate: The CRM software for small business must be user-friendly so that any one can learn to operate it in the business team. The CRM software must be integrated with other applications of business.


3.Lead Management: Having a good CRM software with the primary ability to launch a good business campaigns was necessary from a marketing perspective for generating leads. It would also help us to get insights on our customer behavior through this data.


4. Customer Service: Retaining customers is of primary importance for running a business, so we need to ensure that the CRM software has a robust customer service setup.


5. Fluid & Customizable: Look for the CRM software that is fluid enough to adopt the scope of work in a business.


6.Interaction Management: The CRM software must be able to track customer interactions as well as manage ongoing and completed sales.

List Of Best CRM Software For Small Business

Ensuring above checklist below are the best CRM software for small business.


  • Salesforce
  • Fresh Sales
  • Hubspot
  • Deskera
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zeta CRM

After trying a host of CRM programs, we highly recommend Deskera CRM, as we found it to be the only software that lets the main focus remain on your customers rather than managing the software itself.


Deskera The Best CRM Software for Small Startups

Deskera CRM turns out to be the best in the game due to below reasons.


1. All contacts are stored in one secured place: You can store details, schedule outreach, and grow your small business through Deskera CRM. Contacts can be easily shared with your team and the customer’s data is highly secured with their TSL security encryption.


2. Options to launch campaigns: Deskera CRM gives you resources to categorize customers, select templates, publish and send information, thereby making it easy to launch new campaigns and get detailed analytics on the very suspect able open rates and click-through parameters.



3. Customer Retention:  Pre-configured templates can be quickly set up, so you can create your own customer support site without any need of coding. You can also connect your support email with the Deskera helpdesk to receive and respond quickly to customer queries.



4. Reminder to Track Operations: Deskera CRM acts as a sales tracking software that easily helps you do effective and smart follow-ups with your customers and prospects, through its activity creation that is linked to contacts or deals. You also receive base notifications as well as timely reminders, which can be synced to your calendar to avoid any kind of overbooking and helps you manage your schedule better.



5. Option for custom fields & attributes: As per your business needs with Deskera CRM, you can easily create and assign custom fields and attributes to deals or contacts for better tracking and reporting.

These are the main reasons that make Deskera the best CRM software for small business.


 We hope that this we have given you ample information on how to get your own best CRM software for small business with an option to choose the best one.

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