How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos?

 How to make money on youtube without making videos is the question you all have and here we give you the answer so read on.

You all have to know and understand that yes, you can make money from Youtube without creating any videos.

Ways to Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos

You can in general republish the existing awesome and most popular videos which are in the Creative Commons area. 

These are videos which have a license that lets the common public and any author share her or his videos free of charge for other public viewing.

Making Money Via Republishing Videos

There are many ways to make money on YouTube without making videos and we have tried to list some of them.

Here are some of the basic steps in republishing a good popular video and making money from it.


1) Search for videos in any videos in these popular categories.:

Look for videos for the videos you want to republish in these categories. 

Top 20 Sports Highlights


Top 20 Best Trains


Top 20 Video Games


Top 20 Fitness Sites


Top 20 Scariest Movies


Top 20 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories


2) Choose a video with good number of views.


3) Tap on the caption “Filter” in the upper left hand corner.


4) After the above tap, click on the word “Creative Commons” so that the search engine results only pull up good shareable videos.


5) Make some valuable key word research on “Google Trends” and find some popular keywords that are trending up.


6) Perform a good keyword search number volume in “Google KW finder” or “Moz” Exclude the high competition keywords with  high volume of searches, because those will be very difficult and hard to rank for.


Chose a keyword with a fairly high search number, and a low level of difficulty.


7) Re-check your keyword at the site “TubeBuddy Tag Explorer” to look for the grade of difficulty it would be to rank your video high on Youtube and make sure the grade is around 70.


8) Use the re-post keywords in the title, and meta description to drive some new traffic to your video and increase its reach.


9) Open your  “Video Manager” and choose the video you want to edit, and after editing post it.


10) Use the  “Enhancements” option for more awesome edits.


11) Select “Try the Youtube Video Editor,”in the enhancement section and select the video you want to edit.


12) After you feel that you are done click on “Save the New Project”.


Making money on YouTube without making videos has never been so easy than now. In fact, you can make money without ever recording videos on YouTube. However, there are a few things that you need to take care of in order to get your channel monetized.


Edit The Videos Before republishing

It was easy earlier to compile a bunch of creative commons videos and upload them to YouTube.But now, you are not able to monetize your channel with those types of contents.

Because of the new YouTube policy, you will have to provide some good and useful additional value to the platform and at the same make it unique from the already available creative commons videos. So use a simple voice over to keep it unique.

Let us break it down to few simple steps:

After you have done the above 12 processes you must understand that you have to add some uniqueness like a theme song in background or a voice over so that your video gets unique in itself and hence it can get some monetary approval.

Use proper planning and good strategy of doing seo of your posted videos and in no time you will get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers when you use seo methods and VidIQ viral strategy.

So make sure to combine VidIQ viral strategy with your regular seo and keyword research strategy.

Remember, a single viral video can get you 100s of subscribers and watch time.

 Buy an existing Channel 

 We made $500 per month, after buying out a channel with good value subscribers and we transfer views to other channels to for  gaining SEO authority to new channels, etc.

So now if you want to buy as channel check for the forums that analyze channels that are on the market create a short list of channels you like with 50k+ subs and which is at least $300 in monthly revenue.

Make low-ball offers. 20-40% of the offering price. Remember that you buy channels though trade guardian to avoid scammers. Do it as many times as you want to.

Now you can use our earlier idea of reposting videos or you can just sell this channel for a much higher price just like the way people buy and sell domain names.

These are some of the most basic techniques and its the best answer on how to make money on YouTube without making video so use these techniques and start making good money now.


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