8+ Easy ways to save money on a tight budget

 Some easy ways to save money on a tight budget when you absolutely have to buy the necessary things.

The easiest way to save money on a tight budget and on a purchase is not to make it! When you absolutely have to make the purchase for food, clothes, shelter and transportation, you need to get the best deal you can. 

8 Easy ways to save money on a tight budget

8 Easy ways to save money on a tight budget
8 Easy ways to save money on a tight budget

Not wasting your time with over value info here we give you direct ways to save money on a tight budget.

Here’s how:

1) Visit Online Coupon Sites

 Visit sites like you know the CouponMom. com , amazon. com and other cool and free coupon sites today to learn how to minimize your basic bills using coupons in combination with some in store specials, try using the online resources on these good online sites that will help you never to miss a good deal you need. The site features in depth free coupons to maximize your savings!

2) Find Thrift Stores

Find some cool and awesome great thrift stores in your locality of your town where you can buy used goods, especially clothes for a fraction of the new price. Remember, it will be old and regarded as used as soon as you wear it once anyone—why not pay $4 for some shirt instead of paying $25.

3) Shop on Whole sale and garage sales

Shop just like a pro in garage sales on the weekends for the things that are very important and you need. Don’t be drawn in by the opportunity to buy some old junk, just because you can buy it for 80 cents. On the other hand, if you want to buy a student desk for your kids, you may be amazed at what you can get at a genuine garage sales for a cost of $6 or $12.

4) Buy Used Car

Now this one you have heard many times but we are telling you again when buying a car, look for a used car being sold by any individual. Or go to online sites for deals on reused cars its really good and you get some free offers.

Now look for the word “salvage” title that means that the car was once in its lifetime totaled and someone salvaged and, you hope, restored the car. A salvage title does not mean the car’s warranty is totally voided, but it does mean the car will be worth less as a trade in or when you again go to sell it.

This is one of the easiest way to save money on a tight budget.

5) Use Craigslist, Amazon and online platforms

Understand the benefits of using Craigslist and eBay and amazon too. Craigslist is like a giant, ongoing garage sale. When you looking for something, before you buy a new one, check for a typically used one in great condition on Craigslist and eBay as they are especially good for things that can be shipped efficiently—relative to price. 

Many people have bought and sold several cars on eBay, some which had to be shipped across the country remember two and a half man bro. (Once you’re comfortable buying on the sites, you’ll learn how to sell there, too—but that’s another topic.)

6) Live on Rent and Save for your Dream house

Craigslist and other sites like airbnb also feature homes for sale by owner, which sometimes sell for a much less than the costly homes sold by brokers—if only because everyone involved in the transaction knows there is no broker. If you try that, you may want to hire an agent or an attorney to help you with overall transaction—for less than the standard commission.

Living on rent is one of the best way to save money on a tight budget as in two and a half man Alan saved money by staying at his brothers house rent free so you can do that too just don't hide your money in your socks buddy.

7) Learn to make your own food 

Eating at home and less eating of outside food will help you develop not only wealth but also good health. 

Eating less outside is the best way to save money on a tight budget.

8)  Always check for discounts.

Whenever you buy something on-line, you’ll often notice there is a good discount code. Before you use your credit card, do a quick Google search for the thing you’re buying at the store you’re buying it with the words “discount code” added to the search. 

Dozens of sites track and share codes and you can save big money using these codes. 

Godaddy sells a domain name worth 8$ in only 1$ when we use the code.

Whenever you are looking to buy something or simply if you are looking to buy something because you can afford it take some time or a few hours for big purchases like homes and cars and make yourself educated on the prices and offers, find the discounts and the opportunities so you never overpay. 

There are many ways to save money on a tight budget but don’t ever forget, you’re not saving money if you’re spending it!

Smart ways to save money on a tight budget

Now look here are some smart ways to save money on a tight budget. We have presented these smart tips so read :

Tip 1 - Review your cost for vocative lodging, food, transportation, and charges. These expenses can regularly increase a spending plan. 

Tip 2 - Set overall budgetary objectives and receive a sensible arrangement to accomplish the objective. 

Tip 3 - Re-organize your money management on various things whenever the situation allows. 

Tip 4 - Buy things when they are scarcely available and very necessary. 

Tip 5 - Make a financial management plan. 

Saving money on a tight budget is very easy and you can easily lead a happy life spending money wisely.

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