How to make money on airbnb without owning property?

How to make money on Airbnb without owning property is the question a lot of you have so here is the answer.

Making money on Airbnb is without owning property is easy but there must be precautions taken by you. 

Making money on Airbnb without owning property

How to make money on airbnb without owning property?
How to make money on airbnb without owning property?

So as you want to know How to make money on airbnb without owning property, before that you must need to ask can you make money on airbnb without owning property.

So as you are thinking of a question other than How to make money on airbnb without owning property, below is you answer.

Can You make money on airbnb without owning property?

Understand this that Airbnb is just space sharing online platform which has been built up on the idea of renting homes that has been going from the start of civil society, so yes you can make money on airbnb without owning property.

Well as for answering your question on How to make money on airbnb without owning property, we are answering some of the best points tips for you below.

Best tips and ways on How to make money on airbnb without owning property

The best way to make money on Air-bnb without owning property is through arbitrage where arbitrage means buying and selling to take advantage of different prices for the same asset.

Now we will quickly define for you what rental arbitrage means.

Everything we tell you about making money in this blog is very practical and proven method.

So, what’s Airbnb rental arbitrage?

In the case of Airbnb rental arbitrage, you are renting a property out at a lower price and leasing it out via Airbnb at a much higher price. For example, you basically lease a 1-bedroom apartment at $1,000 dollars a month and rent out the same good house of 1-bedroom for $2,000 dollars a month on Airbnb. Your net profit is $1k a month.

 Of course, that number is just an example in actual the number can differ for you on the way you deal. However, the concept is explained in that example. You buy at a low and sell high.

Airbnb rental Arbitrage is the best way of making money on airbnb without owning property. When we tell people about this business idea, they often get confused for two reasons.

1) They Assume that we are asking them to buy the properties.

2) They overestimate how much work it would take to start a this business.

Rental Airbnb better than self-renting home business

Typically, if you wanted to invest in rental properties, you better have at least 20% to invest in a down payment. For having an investment of $500,000 dollars in a desirable rental area, you would need $100k in your bank in order to qualify for a $400,000 dollars mortgage.

That’s not all!

 Once you put down your $100,000 investment, you will still have to pay for mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance fees so there is a lot to do.

 As this sounds like a lot of work for just one property. What if you want to have multiple units?

 As you can see, this method does not scale very well. Instead, you can put that initial $100k into multiple units that will generate multiple income streams and spread your risks more evenly across your units.

Understand that for rental Airbnb arbitrage is that you do not need to own a home in order to profit from this type of business. 

Airbnb rental arbitrage is one of the most consistent ways to make money as it produces passive income for you without investing a large capital.

Hosting and Referrals method on Airbnb

Now if you really want to avoid the property part altogether however, and make money on AirBnb still

We have two suggestions;

1) Host an Experience

Airbnb generally provides two types of listings; Homes, and Experiences. Experiences are offered on Airbnb by people who have the feeling that they want to share with others, so they become experience “hosts”. 

Experiences that are commonly offered are basic stuff like cooking lessons, guided hikes, food and drink tasting, sightseeing, photography sessions, boat trips, bike riding, and music events and much more. 

The benefit is that the Experience “host” sets the prices, terms, and schedule availability for their experience and people can sign up and pay directly through AirBnb.

2) Using Referrals. 

After you get your AirBnb account you can send out your referral link to people you know and if they use your link to book a home and actually complete the stay they book you are the one who gets benefited.

AirBnb will give you good credit value to use on AirBnb that can be used towards the purchase of both Home rentals and Experiences. This is credit however, not physical cash.

Hope that helps and  gives you answer on How to make money on Airbnb without owning property  good luck!

Providing cleaning services to Airbnb homes.

 Start a cleaning company. They are in high demand. Connect with the Airbnb homes and provide them cleaning services.

 Charge a fair price and do an A+ job. Often times, we find new house cleaners and they do a good job at first, then the quality drops off and they are more interested in collecting the check than doing a good job.

Have a checklist with each client of what they really want done. Do what the client needs and charge for that and you will get paid good.

Hire cleaners as you have to do only the management work.

Be invaluable, be professional, do not become friends of the airbnb owners or they will ause you and pay you less, so this is your best tip on How to make money on Airbnb without owning property .


Airbnb Rental Arbitrage process

Get agreement from owner or building manager and get everything in wiriting.

You must inform Air BnB that you are renting or leasing the unit or property.

You must disclose it to anyone renting through Air bnb that you don’t own the property but just manage it.

It’s a business for you so get a business license.

Make sure you are not violating any rules.

Report earnings your IRS/ CPP or other tax authorities to make it all real and legal.

You need proper renters insurance and business insurance so take care of it.

Understand any work you do you have to do it with full knowledge and care get everything in writing and take proper precautions .

These are the methods and your answer on how to make money on airbnb without owning the property.

Use Airbnb Referral Program

Your best on making money is via referral program of AirBnb and its the most easy step in How to make money on airbnb without owning property quest.

Referral is a big way for companies to attract more customers and expand so as you are getting your referral code any company giving it will want you to pass it on and they will give you money. benefits and other stuff for this.

So Start making some good refferals.

Take and Rate for Airbnb Experiences

How to make money on airbnb without owning property is a very easy question for yourself to answer as think of this if you are gonna use something you would first like to get its review so be a reviewer and make good money via Air bnb.

See there are many other typical way that you can come up with just learn and think out of the box stuff.

Experience of making Money on Airbnb video

Here is a video from youtube to help you get ideas on How to make money on airbnb without owning property.

So these are some answers from our side on your question How to make money on airbnb without owning property hope you learn from it and get some value.

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